The Beauty of Detroit

Beautiful art is often hidden in ugly places. A perfect example of this, is the street art in the city of Detroit. Amazing murals are located all over this infamous city and they are definitely worth your time. People visit different cities and countries all the time in order to see good art so here is some street art closer to one’s home. Below is a map of the 35 must see murals in downtown Detroit:

I visited some of the murals on the map provided above, but also ran into some more when I wasn’t searching for them. Some of the murals are located in an alley, some are on the side of abandoned buildings, and some are even on the walls of a parking garage.

 A lot of people are concerned about safety in Detroit. Even though downtown Detroit is currently being rebuilt in an attempt to become the metropolitan area it use to be, there is still a lot of poverty surrounding the city. Some of these murals are located in abandoned neighborhoods or lower class areas. I visited these murals with my boyfriend as to not be roaming the streets alone and in the middle of the day on a Saturday. I didn’t feel unsafe but I also never walked into alleys that my gut feeling told me not to. Use your common sense when exploring new areas. Always be respectful of the neighborhoods you’re visiting and be careful as to not offend people if seen photographing their homes or people themselves.

Happy mural hunting art lovers!

xx Marina


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