Empire State of Mind

Hello, New York!

NYC is one of the most popular cities in the world and one of my personal favorites. I just love the city’s atmosphere, how big everything around you is, and how many things there are for you to do there. I make it a point to travel there as often as I can, because I just can’t get enough!

This last weekend trip was a special one, because it was the weekend after my 21st birthday which meant that on top of everything else I also got to explore some NYC nightlife.

Accommodation & Transportation

I stayed in the Bentley Hotel, located on the Upper East Side (62nd and York). The room was clean and nice so I would definitely recommend this hotel. For transportation I mostly used UberPool but, there is a subway station 63 / Lexington Ave located 10 minutes away from the hotel on foot.

The view from my room at The Bentley Hotel


You can literally find all kinds of foods in NYC. The places we went to and that I would highly recommend are the following:

Pizza Park, 1233 1st Avenue


Sometimes you just need cheap, good old pizza.

Ichiro Sushi, 1694 2nd Ave

Our choice of sushi

This sushi was so good and I would highly recommend you order the spicy salmon roll and the shrimp tempura.

Bluestone Lane, 2 E 90th St

Soy vanilla latte and black coffee
Avocado toast w/ a poached egg

This breakfast spot is absolutely perfect. There is a variety of healthy options to choose from, the staff is super friendly, and the setting is amazing since it is located in a church wing.

Things to do

There are so many options for what you can do. Here are some of the places I went to:



The famous Museum Of Modern Art is something you need to make time for. It’s home to a variety of famous art pieces. For students, make sure you bring your student ID with you, because the admission fee is $10 less. 

MoMa on the inside
Andy Warhol
Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh
Pablo Picasso
Pablo Picasso

Top of The Rock, Rockefeller Center

Top of the Rock view

You will feel like you are on top of the world. I purchased tickets online for a specific date and time beforehand and that way I didn’t have to wait more than 5 minutes in line to enter the elevator that takes you to the top. I would recommend choosing Rockefeller building if you want to see the view, because as cool as it is to be on the empire state building, if you’re on it you can’t see it and is it really a NYC skyline without the Empire State building?


Marquee Nightclub, Chelsea

I went on a night that the DJ playing was Robin Schulz and had a blast! Manhattan clubs can be difficult to get into, especially during the weekends. The lines are really long and face control is unfortunately a real thing so I would suggest using a promoter, specifically Troy Gordon. He is the best and he will take good care of you.

Overall, this NY trip was short but sweet and you should definitely make your way to the big apple if you haven’t already, it definitely lives up to the hype!

Upper East Side
Flower shop
An old building and its fire escapes
Townhouses on the Upper East Side


Church memorial

There are so many places I didn’t get a change to visit this time but I will be back for more.

xx Marina


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