A Day In The Miami Art District

“Love kills, sex heals”

The walls of Miami’s Art District speak wisely. Artists’ thoughts and feelings are depicted all over the streets of Wynwood. There is so much more to see besides the famous Wynwood Walls, and a day is merely not enough. The streets are filled with one gallery after another.

Here are some of the galleries I visited and that you should too:

GAB Studio

GAB Studios are mostly focused on photography. Some of their photos were weird but beautiful that I just had to buy a small print to hang on my bedroom wall.

GAB Art Studio entrance

My favorite section of the gallery was one by artist Lisa Diakova. Her art reminded me of that of Tim Burtons. I love drawings that give an eerie feeling and remind me of the movie Corpse Bride!

Art section Lisa Diakova

Ka. Be.

This was a contemporary gallery. The gallery also seemed relatively new since the space wasn’t filled with art but had some pieces here and there.

Ka. Be. Gallery entrance

Below is some of the art in the gallery:

Very simplistic, very modern.

Walt Grace Vintage

This gallery was my favorite one. I walked in having no idea what I was about to see and lying in front of me was a room full of guitars and vintage sports cars. You were allowed to touch and sit in most of the cars.


Where to eat

If you want to have an affordable but nice meal I would suggest going to R House.

R House

During Happy Hour there are lots of yummy bar foods to choose from.

Happy Hour


One day in Wynwood simply isn’t enough but if that’s all the time you have make sure you rise up early and go gallery exploring!

xx Marina


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