A Look Inside the DIA

Every art enthusiast has heard about the Detroit Institute of Arts at some point in their life and I am amongst those art lovers. I decided it was time to finally see what all the hype is about and visit the museum. Here’s a brief look inside!


The DIA is home for many famous artists’ work, such as that of Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Diego Rivera, and many more.

Dutch porcelains

From Dutch porcelains, to Renaissance oil paintings, the museum contains art from all eras and from all over the world.

Head of Christ Crowned with Thorns by Guido Reni
French Room
French Room Details



Medieval wing ceiling details
Medieval wing windows overlooking the food court of the DIA




Each wing was decorated perfectly in order to match the style of the art that was in it.

Diego Rivera mural

There was also a game in each room where you had to “spy with your little eye” the art piece that best fit the description.

Overall, this museum – the Diego Rivera mural alone – was definitely worth seeing and I strongly recommend you visit it if you get the chance. Detroit actually has a lot of culture to offer, especially when it comes to art, so be sure to explore the hidden beauties of this city!

xx Marina

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