Orlando Fairytale

“Disney World, where dreams come true”

Visiting Disney World in Orlando, FL was a great experience and definitely one that I would repeat, because you’re never too old to visit Disney World! There is so much to see that a day is not nearly enough! 

My one day access was well spent at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. This park is awesome for taking cute photos and feeling all the Disney magic. Picturesque, fairytale-like buildings, and themed regions within the park will have you feeling like a princess and a pirate.


Themed Rides

To get the full Disney experience you need to wait in long lines for the fun rides. To all the parents out there, the long waiting times are definitely worth it. Some are story-telling rides, where you see highlights of your favorite Disney characters and movies, and others are thrill rides. I have been to pretty much all of them in Eurodisney, France before, but unfortunately I only had time to go on the Space Mountain one during my Orlando visit.

Cinderella Carousel in Fantasyland
Space Mountain Dome
Thunder Mountain Ride in Frontierland


One of the regions in the park is literally set up to look like a populated jungle! The Jungle Book, Pirates of the Caribbean, Aladin, and many more adventure Disney movie themes can be found in that region.

Gate in Adventureland
Pirates of the Caribbean clocktower



This region is filled with techy-looking buildings. Space Mountain is the most popular ride in Tomorrowland. Prepare for a blast to the future!


Solar system


Fantasyland is my favorite region in the Magic Kingdom, simply because I love feeling like a princess.



This region is filled with precious shops and adorable restaurants as well as the thunder mountain  !



Main Street, USA

This is the region you first see when you enter the park. It’s the most picturesque section of the park.




Overall, this was a magical trip that I hope to take many more times in the future and would highly recommend to people of all ages.

Tyler the balloon guy

There’s something really rejuvenating about revisiting your childhood, and in a place like Disney World I can guarantee you will.

xx Marina

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