Life In The Jungle


Last visit to Tulum, Mexico was so magical that I had to come back. It’s the perfect tropical place to relax and unwind after a long year. Another reason why I love Tulum is that it’s a place that helps you reconnect with your soul and your body. There’s yoga, freshly squeezed smoothies, and everything you need to get back into that healthy lifestyle that seems to become more and more difficult to follow as the year goes by.

IMG_6230 copy

Nomade Tulum

Last time we stayed at Sanara Tulum, but this time we chose a hotel further down the coastline of the Caribbean Sea, Nomade Tulum. Staying at this hotel was like living in actual paradise and was exactly what I needed to relax and recharge before heading back to the city.


Moroccan style everything…

The hotel’s lobby entrance
Macondo / where breakfast was served


The Nest

Flower infused water outside our room to clean the sand off our feet…


The service at the hotel was amazing, I mean people would even prepare our bed for sleeping every night while we were at dinner, which I have to admit was kinda creepy at first since the room would look different every time we came back and we were wondering who moved the pillows, moved our stuff off the bed and closed the blinds.


There was complementary breakfast at one of the two hotel restaurants, every morning. I would go around 10 am after 9 am morning yoga by the sea.


Apart from daily yoga, there were daily evening events taking place in a white spiritual tent.

The event tent

Below is some art displayed at Nomade:

The solar system lights by day
The solar system lights by night


The beach at Nomade

The Caribbean Sea is beautiful, but unfortunately the beach of the hotel gathered a lot of seaweed. However, the hotel staff is amazing and there were people constantly cleaning the beach.

The hotel staff working all day to clean the beach
A fire pit and the Caribbean sea
Nomade beach
Casa Malca beach art


The treehouse dinner

The Treehouse Mayan hotel, Azulik, caught my attention last time so we decided to go there for dinner at the hotel restaurant Kintoh.

The all wooden treehouse restaurant, Kintoh


Margarita and melon martini


We were lucky enough to see a sunset even though it was cloudy
The Azulik entrance

While the hotel is amazing, I was eaten alive by mosquitos. Nomade sprays for mosquitos and bugs daily so I wasn’t prepared for what I encountered at Azulik. I would strongly recommend you carry some mosquito repellant with you if you plan to visit the treehouse hotel.

Coba Ruins

IMG_5981 copy

I didn’t want to visit the same temples I went to last time, so I decided to go to Coba ruins. The archeological space of Coba is about 5km long so it is recommended that you rent bikes to more easily get around given that it’s really hot and humid. There are also these fun bike taxis that we went on, which go super fast and I personally prefer those over a bike.

*I would recommend wearing sneakers if you want to climb the temple because I did it in flip flops and it wasn’t fun. The temple is a lot steeper and taller than it looks and it’s also slippery so wear some shoes with traction.* 

Grand Cenote


In the other cenote I had been to, I was surrounded by small catfish. This one however, was filled with swimming turtles! Part of the cenote was segmented in order to protect the turtles and their eggs.


This cenote wasn’t just a whole on the ground filled with water, but was more of a cave. Once you went through the cave there was crystal clear shallow water and a little oasis separate from the main part of the cenote.




The food in Mexico is always amazing, but it’s hard to find true Mexican food in a place as touristy and as fancy as Tulum. If you’re looking for authentic cheap and greasy Mexican go to El Capitan in Tulum village or Tita Tulum hotel restaurant.

The restaurant we ate at the most and especially while on the beach is called Popular and it’s one of the two restaurants at Nomade. My go to was shrimp tacos and Lychee Martinis.


Popular / Nomade restaurant on the beach

Straight out the jungle


Tulum is like a picturesque oasis in a jungle.


Matcha bar on the street 

I definitely want to come back as many times as I can. This place is just too hard to get use to so I strongly recommend you make your way there asap.

Marina Gkritzioudi

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