In The City Of Angels

Date: March 2018

First time in LA but definitely not my last. So, get ready to read about this 1-week spring break girls trip experience in the famous City of Angels.


First off, for all you millennials out there, let me start by saying that LA is Instagram heaven. Most locations are designed to be picture perfect. Coffeeshops, clothing stores, restaurants, bars, you get the point. Now that beings said, too much of that picture-perfect culture of LA could get tiring. For me at least, living in LA would mean constant pressure for looking my best in order to not feel extremely bad about myself. That’s why heading out there only a couple of times a year and enjoying the sun 1 to 2 weeks at a time seems perfect to me. I know a lot of people would disagree with me but what can I say, personally I’m more of a New York City type of girl.

Like I mentioned earlier, my visit to LA lasted only a week and that was the week of our college’s spring break vacation in March. I hadn’t taken a girls’ trip in such a long time, so this vacation with my two roommates was necessary!


We stayed at an Airbnb loft in Venice Beach, the Brooklyn of LA.


The apartment was next to the beach, with a terrace that had an amazing breeze and view.



Our apartment’s terrace
Beach view from our terrace

Despite the sun, it was definitely not beach weather (50 something degrees) and we realized that we had packed for a spring break vacation in Florida…which automatically translated to more shopping. Keep that in mind, the climate is amazing, but there are seasons.


I loved how vibrant and colorful Venice is. There’s so much art in every form. A lot of performance artists and dancers set up right on the beach and do their thing.

The famous Venice sign



Malibu Farm Pier

On our second day we drove to Malibu in the new Tesla X – which I felt I needed to put out there because that car is so cool, and it feels like you’re in a spaceship!

Before going to the beach, we stopped at Malibu Farm, got Kale smoothies and walked on the pier.


Like I mentioned earlier, it wasn’t beach weather, but we got to walk on the beach until it got too cold for us to be in our bikinis.

Magda and Katya enjoying the Malibu view
Beautiful houses along the coast
Katya and I being basic on the beach
Gloomy beach views



Anyone who knows me, knows that I turn into a 5-year-old child when I go to Disney parks. Our trip to Universal Studios was no different.


This park was absolutely amazing. We didn’t pay for any of the extra tours because we were also limited on time, but we got to do the Studio Tour. I won’t spoil it for you, but it’s definitely a must. Make sure to go on the Transformers special effects ride and the Harry Potter ride as well. And if you’re feeling something goofy, go on the Minions ride too!





  • A scene from the the famous plane crash movie, War of the Worlds:



  • Norman Bates and the Bates Motel:


  • Whoville:


  • King Kong’s cave:


  • The fake city sets they customize every time they need to:


Finally, the Jurassic Park ride wasn’t one of my favorites, but it’s known for its big splashing drop so save that for the end. That section of the park stays open for longer and that way you won’t be wet for the rest of the rides.


Another cool thing about Venice is Muscle Beach. There’s an open gym and it’s a popular are for fashion photoshoots.


We stopped to eat at a Greek Gyro place. I want to note here that it was not owned by Greek people, and the gyro didn’t taste very good.

Greek gyro place
Magda eating her gyro and Katya her handroll


We went there for our shopping spree, but unfortunately the weather ruined it for us so we ended up at this Tex-Mex restaurant where we stayed for way too long ordering cocktails and burgers.




This famous California burger chain is as good as its reputation and when you haven’t had it for a really long time – the last time I had it was 3 years ago in San Francisco – then it tastes even better! We unfortunately had wayyy too much of In n’ Out.


We went to this cute vegetarian place on Abbot Kinney Rd in Venice for brunch. I would definitely recommend their smoothies.



Dinner on this rooftop was amazing, with a sunset and a view of the Hollywood sign. The restaurant has an amazing colorful vibe, so I would definitely recommend.


Processed with VSCO with al3 preset
Sunset from Mama Shelter rooftop restaurant


We went to this coffee/brunch place a couple of times because it was really close to our apartment and because of the amazing healthy food! I kind of wish the same exact place opens in New York City one day. 100% would recommend their Acai smoothie bowls and their avocado toast.




Again, if you know me and my friends then you’ll know that we love to go out at night. If it was up to us really, we would sleep during the day and party at night.

Even though we spent most of our nights at home as a result of being out and about all day, the nights we went out we went hard. We went to Catch, which I have to say is better in LA than in NYC. The drinks were good and there were a lot of famous people there, so we felt fancy (I saw Helen Owen the blogger, Sienne from the Bachelor, and some Texas basketball players which was exciting).

Katya, me and Magda at Catch

During the weekend we went to two clubs, 1Oak, which again is better in LA than in NYC, and Warwick, which we loved. The only thing we didn’t like about the nightlife is that everything closes at 2am, a little too early.


We were extremely lucky to have a friend with a convertible who took us to a bunch of places on our last day. We started off at Rodeo Drive for some window shopping – because by that point we were all broke – and continued driving around Beverly Hills, up towards the Hollywood sign. My directions might all be wrong, that may or may not have been the route, but we drove through those places in some order!


We drove through Sunset Blvd blasting 2000s pop hits and singing, definitely embarrassed ourselves, but it was so much fun!


For dinner and drinks we went to Mama’s Shelter and saw the sunset from the rooftop.

To end the night, after we returned to Venice, we found a local hookah bar and went there to chill for a bit.

That was the end of our amazing week in LA. There are definitely a lot more things we want to do next time we visit, such as go to museums, etc. Next time I think I also would like to go during the summer and maybe schedule a road trip to San Francisco, stop at Big Sur and all the other places along the coast of California. Thanks for having us LA! Till next time.

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